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Charter Bus Tour & Rentals

A custom charter bus tour & rental by Lakefront Lines is the ideal way to experience group travel. Whether you are planning a trip for a church outing, a senior day trip or a family reunion, a charter bus tour rental is the affordable, stress free way to get the most traveling pleasure. With a brand new fleet of buses and a 53 year history of providing safe travel alternatives, you can feel confident about choosing Lakefront Lines.

Lakefront Lines Group Bus Tour

Have fun with your group on your next outing with a Lakefront Lines bus tour. We have been providing reliable bus tours to many customers within our state, across the country and even north of the border since 1965. As a recipient of the Vision Award, Lakefront Lines adheres to sound business practices and has an excellent safety record. You can count on a Lakefront Lines charter bus tour & rental to be the comfortable and convenient choice for your group travel.

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At Lakefront Lines, we want you to enjoy every moment of your bus tour experience. So we provide a viable option for transporting any small or large group in or out of town. Lakefront Lines charter bus tours & rentals cater to:

  • Senior Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Schools (Private, Public and College)
  • Groups (small and large)
  • Corporations
  • Sports Teams
  • Reunions/Conventions
  • Weddings

Comfort and safety first

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