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Lakefront Lines Charter Bus Rental in Dayton:
Group Travel at its Finest.

Lakefront Lines offers groups who require a charter bus rental in Dayton the convenience and versatility they need for their trip. Wherever you may want to go, Lakefront Lines charter bus rental from Dayton can lift some weight off your shoulders by providing you an experience of unmatched service and extraordinary comfort.

Dayton Area Charter Bus Rental

Lakefront Lines Inc.

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A charter bus rental from Dayton provided by Lakefront Lines offers a safe travel option and allows everyone to have a relaxing, memorable trip. Over the years, we’ve comfortably transported our customers on church outings, athletic group events, school trips, corporate events and weddings. A Lakefront Lines charter bus rental in Dayton is the perfect transportation choice for many people, and we can be the ideal solution for your next group outing. Reserve your charter bus rental with Lakefront Lines today.

Sit back and enjoy your Charter Bus Rental with Lakefront Lines

At Lakefront Lines, we want you to enjoy every moment of your bus tour experience. So we provide a viable option for transporting any small or large group in or out of town. Lakefront Lines charter bus tours & rentals cater to:

  • Senior Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Schools (Private, Public and College)
  • Groups (small and large)
  • Corporations
  • Sports Teams
  • Reunions/Conventions
  • Weddings

About Lakefront Lines

As the largest motor coach company in Dayton, Ohio, Lakefront Lines has been providing exceptional charter bus rental charters to customers for more than 53 years. An affiliate with Coach USA, Lakefront Lines is also a proud member of the American Bus Association (ABA) and United Bus Owners of America (UBOA). Even with everything we’ve accomplished over the years, we’re most proud of the regular charter bus rental service we provide across all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Sothern Michigan, Eastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.

Comfort and safety first
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